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ECSE 421 Assignment 4 1)Draw a dataflow chart that shows how you would process data from 5 independent processor boards that must interact with a central storage server. 2)Draw a deployment diagram for the design of an RFID system. Include a message sequence chart for the communication of all devices, and a rough circuit drawing that includes CPU, RAM, coils, etc. for the RFID components. 3)What are the pros and cons of using RFID systems (2 reasons for each).
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Unformatted text preview: 4)My cache is causing 2 nsec of jitter; my software is causing 3 nsec of jitter; and my RAM is a source of another 3 nsec of jitter. How much total jitter is in my system (all other sources having no contribution)? 5)If jitter was my main concern, would I make a scanner that uses a CMOS sensor or a CCD sensor? Why?...
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