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Lecture 2: Embedded Systems Definitions Asynchronous - Ability to operate independently while sharing memory/resources Cache - Very high speed buffer memory device which computes what RAM memory is about to be requested by CPU and places it in its memory Concurrency - Operating system’s management of inter process synchronization, computer resource sharing, and communication Conduction band - Lowest energy level in an atom in which electrons do not completely fill Context switch - Act of kernel to switch from execution of one task to resume another task Crash - Computer system has non-recoverable response to further input Critical section - Sequence of computer instructions which cannot be shared at the same time by different tasks and must be executed indivisibly Deadlock - Case that no task can run because each is held up by another’s resource it needs Device driver - Software application that runs or controls a piece of hardware Disruptive technology - Technology causing a market revolution of new products making others obsolete
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