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Lecture 5: Digital Design Issues External event (interrupting) issues: -reflections -clock duty cycle -shorts -ISR re-entrant quality -bad connections -need for NMI -spurious (edge) events -interrupt priorities -event rate -missed interrupts -logic gating requirements -ISR usage of global/static variables -leakage current -memory corruption -ground loops -priority inheritance with shared resources Real-Time monitoring devices -software monitor to breakpoint or step through code -problems: requires target memory, I/O port, CPU time, RAM resident code -advantages: no extra field support or H/W needed, everything runs on CPU itself -onchip background debugger program which works similar to a software monitor -problems: same as software monitor problems -advantages: reduces overhead on CPU real-time performance of application -incircuit emulator (ICE) -VxWorks uses product called Tornado -maps resources from target to host -run/test without target hardware -debugs likes a software monitor -offers program traceability and memory examination -problems: expensive, real-time simulation limitations, unreliable pin socket contacts, emulation of electrical circuit difficulties, extra field support for emulator itself -advantages: no memory or CPU overhead on target application, have plenty of extra CPU and memory for doing other things (eg online monitoring) without disturbing target
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lec5_digitaldesign0 - Lecture 5 Digital Design Issues...

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