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Lecture 6: Embedded System Design Six basic phases in a (linear or rainfall) project lifecycle: Conception, Requirements, Design, Implementation, Integration, and Release/Maintenance. In Conception stage you need to know: -project goals: what is the project going to do; what are inputs and what are outputs -interface requirements: ports, sockets, I/O rates -memory requirements: size, thru-put, bus limitations (PCI, VME, etc) -system requirements: ADCs, DACs, sensors, I/O devices -physical requirements: storage space, safety issues, climate, cost -interrupt requirements: external event rate, polling, monitoring -hard or soft real-time application -CPU/memory throughput and bottlenecks -MOU is the output result agreed to by customer In Requirements phase: -determine customer specific requirements (what goals the project will achieve) -determine technical requirements (what you need to make the project work) -outputs are the Requirements Book and System Requirements Specification Design issues: -h/w devices are intimately connected to s/w drivers -can’t separate h/w and s/w teams as independent entities -unit testing and integration testing apply to h/w as well as s/w embedded design -first use startup code and executable shell to play with each h/w item separately -enable CPU memory first -create simple and independent ISRs to drive each h/w device -create h/w and/or s/w monitor for each device to analyze response data
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lec6_embeddeddesign0 - Lecture 6 Embedded System Design Six...

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