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Student Notes Solution - LSN 17 - Cambered Airfoils

Student Notes Solution - LSN 17 - Cambered Airfoils - ME...

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Unformatted text preview: . ME 387, Introduction to Applied Aerodynamics STUDENT NOTES AA-‘I 5 Spring 2009 Consider an airfoil whose mean camber line is represented by the parabola waif-Eli where am is the maximum height of the camber at midchord. 1. What is the general equation for the slaps of the camber line? _. 5 1+; E j ' ”£6 J5 : LL.“ an :a < Cl;on£fiD'_— LEE“ 2. What“ IS the value for the Fourier coefficient A0? AD: pC— -—£r 3:65,);9 org-S Lease :. “hw- LIZ.“ 5M 91:?— ,‘ Ab“: :GK: 3. Given A, =4fln~ and A” =0 for all n a 2, determine thi a) Mew—- W“; s airfoil's c]. lee. and xcp ...
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