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Study Guide Ch.9 - 9 Read role of the cerebellum p 241-42...

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STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 9 CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM TEXT 1. Read blood supply to the C.N.S. p.220-21 ON YOUR OWN. 2. Read blood brain barrier p. 221-22. ON YOUR OWN. 3. Read Gray matter and white matter p223. NOT ON TEST 4. Read spinal cord p 223-27. NOT ON TEST 5. Read Brain p. 227-36. ON YOUR OWN. Note functions of the major regions discussed in this section. 6. Read integrated C.N.S. function, reflexes p236-39. ON YOUR OWN. 7. Read integrated C.N.S. control, voluntary motor control p. 239- 40. NOT ON TEST 8. Control of posture. P. 240-41. OMIT
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Read role of the cerebellum p. 241-42. ON YOUR OWN. 10. Read Role of the basal nuclei p. 242. NOT ON TEST 11. Read Integrated C.N.S. function, language p. 242-. NOT ON TEST. 12. Read Integrated C.N.S. function, sleep p. 243-46. NOT ON TEST. 13. Read Integrated C.N.S. function, emotion p. 246-47. ON YOUR OWN. 14. Read Integrated C.N.S. function, learning and memory p. 247-48. ON YOUR OWN. 15. read plasticity p. 248. ON YOUR OWN. EXERCISES M/C questions- # 7,8 Obj. questions- # 2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11 12...
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