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MCB 120L Concept Review for Experiments 0 – 7 Winter 2010 1 Experiments 0 & 1: Buffers and Spectrophomtometry Preparation of buffers. starting with all conjugate base, or all conjugate acid, or both conjugate base and conjugate acid. Know what constitutes a good buffer, what "features" make a good buffer. Conversions of quantities: eg, grams to moles, g to mg, μg to ng, etc. The difference between a quantity (an amount) and a concentration (an amount in a volume). The Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation, how to use it to calculate pH, pKa, [HA], [A-]. Activity coefficients for polyprotic acids/buffers. How to calculate net charge on an ionic molecule given the pH and its pKa(’s). How to determine the pKa of a substance (in general) and of a light-absorbing substance (in particular). Understand buffer capacity and what happens to buffer capacity in acid or base directions when the pH is on either side of a buffer’s pKa. Calculations involved in determining concentrations of a colored substance, eg p-nitrophenol & p-nitrophenolate. Beer's Law. Relationship between absorbance and concentration of a substance. Relationship between absorbance and transmittance - log T = - log It/Io = log 1o/ It = a l c = A and, the definitions of coefficients: a & ε How a spectrophotometer works. How to determine concentration from absorbance, and vice versa.
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Concept_Review_W10_Exp_0_7 - MCB 120L Concept Review for...

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