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121 Midterm 2_10WhiteKey - Name White Key MCB121, Page 1 of...

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Unformatted text preview: Name White Key MCB121, Page 1 of 9 Last, First Gasser, Burgess MCB121 Second Midterm, Feb 18, 2010 Instructions: There are nine pages in this exam including the cover sheet, please count them before you start to make sure all are present. Write your name on each page of the exam. Write your answers in the space provided below each question. If you need more space use the back of the page and indicate clearly that you have continued your answer on the back. Do not use additional paper. Amino acid Abbreviations Amino acid Abbreviations Alanine Ala A Leucine Leu L Arginine Arg R Lysine Lys K Asparagine Asn N Methionine Met M Aspartic acid Asp D Phenylalanine Phe F Cysteine Cys C Proline Pro P Glutamine Gln Q Serine Ser S Glutamic Acid Glu E Threonine Thr T Glycine Gly G Tryptophan Trp W Histidine His H Tyrosine Tyr Y Isoleucine Ile I Valine Val V Question Value Score 1 18 2 24 3 20 4 12 5 33 6 18 7 16 8 9 Total 150 Name White Key MCB121, Page 2 of 9 Last, First Gasser, Burgess 1. (18) For each of the following circle the T if the statement is true and the F if the statement is false. (3 points each) T F The TATA-binding protein (TBP) participates in transcription initiation of only type II genes because these are the only genes with TATA boxes. T F The helicase activity of TFIIH provides a single stranded template for transcription by RNA Pol II. T F TAF II 250 associates with Pol II prior to Pol II joining the preinitiation complex for transcription of type II genes. T F Following promoter clearance by RNA Pol II, TFIID must leave the promoter region to allow initiation of another transcription cycle. T F Some members of the nuclear hormone receptor class of transcription factors can bind DNA whether or not they have bound hormone. T F In contrast to RNA Pol II, RNA Pol III can initiate transcription without the participation of additional protein factors. 2. (24) Match each of the following factors/elements with a role it plays in transcription of type II genes (one letter per blank, do not use letters more than one time) (4 pts each). _____ E ____ TFIIH A) A binding site for a general transcription factor ____ C ___ _ TFIID B) Can remove phosphate groups from a protein to allow multiple rounds of transcription ____ B ___ _ CTD phosphatase C) Facilitates binding of all other general transcription factors ____ G _____ RNA polymerase II D) A bidirectional entry site for RNA polymerase _____ A ____ TATA box E) Can add phosphate groups to another protein to enable transcription _____ F ____ Enhancer F) A binding site for a regulatory transcription factor G) Requires CTP to perform its normal function....
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121 Midterm 2_10WhiteKey - Name White Key MCB121, Page 1 of...

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