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RNAi practice problems-1 - MCB121 W09 RNAi practice...

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MCB121 W09 RNAi practice problems S. Burgess 1. Name the three required components of RNAi and their functions. 2. Both siRNA and miRNA can silence gene expression at the post-transcriptional level, however the mechanisms differ. In a general way, how do the two processes differ? 3. What key difference between the structure of siRNA and miRNAs directs them to one or the other PTGS mechanisms? ( excluding plants) 4. What is the source of double-stranded RNA that leads to the formation of heterochromatin at centromeres in S. pombe. 5. Virtually no RNA products transcribed from the cen locus in S. pombe can be detected by rtPCR. By contrast, high levels of product were observed in dcr1- (dicer) mutants. Describe two mechanisms that are perturbed in dcr1- mutants that would lead to this phenotype. 6. RNAi an important genetic tool for genetic research in C. elegans . Interestingly only a small amount of RNA is required to elicit gene silencing throughout the animal and its progeny. It is often used to infer something about wild type gene function. A. What form is the RNA generally introduced into the animal?
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RNAi practice problems-1 - MCB121 W09 RNAi practice...

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