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Name Key, White MCB121, Page 1 of 9 Last, First Gasser, Burgess MCB121 Second Midterm, Feb. 24, 2009 Instructions: There are nine pages in this exam including the cover sheet, please count them before you start to make sure all are present. Write your name on each page of the exam. Write your answers in the space provided below each question. If you need more space use the back of the page and indicate clearly that you have continued your answer on the back. Do not use additional paper. Amino acid Abbreviations Amino acid Abbreviations Alanine Ala A Leucine Leu L Arginine Arg R Lysine Lys K Asparagine Asn N Methionine Met M Aspartic acid Asp D Phenylalanine Phe F Cysteine Cys C Proline Pro P Glutamine Gln Q Serine Ser S Glutamic Acid Glu E Threonine Thr T Glycine Gly G Tryptophan Trp W Histidine His H Tyrosine Tyr Y Isoleucine Ile I Valine Val V Question Value Score 1 15 2 26 3 16 4 21 5 36 6 12 7 8 8 16 Total 150
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Name Key, White MCB121, Page 2 of 9 Last, First Gasser, Burgess 1. (15) You have fractionated nuclear extracts from sea urchins. A specific set of these fractions can be combined into a "transcription mix" that is sufficient to promote active transcription of 5S RNA genes in purified chromatin from which histone H1 has been removed. Subsequent experiments showed that adding back histone H1 to the chromatin prior to adding the transcription mix led to a 25-fold lower level of transcription. In contrast, if the transcription mix was added first, subsequent addition of histone H1 had little or no effect on transcription. Circle "T" or "F" to indicate whether each of the statements below is true or false, respectively. Use both the information above, and your knowledge from the course lecture and readings to answer the questions. T F The transcription mix must contain the TATA-binding protein. TBP is necessary for transcription of all three gene types T F The transcription mix must contain RNA Polymerase III. 5S RNA is encoded by a type III gene T F In the above experiments, 5S RNA gene transcription is inhibited by the presence of nucleosomes. Transctiption occurs on chromatin so nucleosomes don’t inhibit T F The transcription mix would probably not transcribe tRNA genes. tRNA genes have ICR similar to 5S genes T F Factors in the transcription mix appear to interfere with histone H1 interaction with the 5S RNA genes. Inhibition by H1 is blocked by transcription factors so interaction must be at least partially blocked 2. (26) You have identified a new transcription factor, DRAGON (DRG) that activates transcription of genes required for bone growth in mice. Prior work indicates that DRG is a 350 amino acid protein that has sequence-specific DNA-binding activity. You wish to test the model that DRG activates gene expression by recruiting the protein TAF II 250. TAF
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121 Midterm 2_09WhKey - Name Key White Last First MCB121...

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