Natalie Harkins--Personal Statement

Natalie Harkins--Personal Statement - Natalie Hark ins...

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Natalie Harkins “Floor seven, please,” I nervously verbalized to the woman in the elevator as I took my first steps in the University of California, Davis Medical Center. The aroma of a sterile environment, sounds of distant crying children, and the atmosphere of intense energy surrounded me on my way up to the Pediatric Department. I have always been fearful of hospitals as it provided a constant reminder of the times spent there with my mother as she battled her autoimmune disease—Lupus. Although it was unfortunately all too familiar, it unusually captivated my attention this time around. I was there as a Child Life Intern aiding pediatric patients through their terminal illnesses and acute injuries. I was their support system, a doctor s aide and a mere patient s best friend; something I had been equipped with throughout my childhood fostering my ill mother. From simplistic tasks like helping her drink a glass of juice, to more accomplished tasks like hearing her grievances and sterilizing her TPN lines prepared me for this internship which paralleled my former life as an aide to my mother. As I settled into my position at the UCDMC, I found everything very familiar to me, but this time, I began to feel a happiness when I was at the hospital. I felt a sense of belonging and desire to be there; I felt needed. The intensity of the hospital, the residents making rounds, and the patient s needs was something I catered to with excitement. When Code Blues would alarm the hospital corridors, my body would race with adrenaline as the intensity complimented my fast-paced personality. I found myself promoted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and privileged to be
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2010 for the course MCB 120L taught by Professor Fairclough during the Spring '08 term at UC Davis.

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Natalie Harkins--Personal Statement - Natalie Hark ins...

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