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This announcement provides some information about the first experiment (E1) you will be conducting in chem. .125/126. E1 lab will be conducted Thursday, January 21 st thru Tuesday, January 26 th . Pre-lab - Do the pre-lab reading assignment indicated on page 239 in the chemistry 125/126 schedule - Check your team assignments for lab and discussion on page 232 of the lab manual - Prepare the Pre-lab Report, p.38. The pre-lab report is due at the start of Lab (8am or 11am or 2pm) - Go to the Pre-lab folder under Ctool Resources and view the CRC Video.mp4 for assistance with how to look up information in the CRC Handbook Lab E1 is a one-session three-hour lab. All teams will do Parts 1 and 2 AND either Part 3 OR 4 as assigned (see lab assignments on page 232).
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Unformatted text preview: When preparing the team report, all teams write-up parts 1 and 2 AND part 3 OR 4 (as assigned) The team report is turned in during lab or by the grace period deadline (page 237). For E1 ONLY, the team report grace deadline period for this one session lab is extended to the start of your next lab session. Discussion Discussion of E1 will occur during the first hour of your next session following completion of E1. Thus E1 discussion will occur Thursday, January 28 th thru Tuesday, February 2 nd.- Turn in the team discussion abstract (see p.238) during lab or as indicated by your GSI - Prepare ~ 5 minutes Ppt. presentation for your team discussion presentation. Chem.125/126 GSI Office hours in the SLC start Wednesday, January 20 th ....
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