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1 ENGINEERING 100-800 RESEARCH REPORT To: Walburga Zahn, Steve Whittier From: Jea Gon Park Subject: Research report - Perceived sound quality and digital audio compression Date: 18 February 2010 Foreword To help create a potential $200,000 business, a research regarding the selected topic “Perceived Sound Quality” was necessary. I researched 3 different sources about the chosen subject. Two of them were from the university library and the other was from the web. This memo summarizes the contents and evaluates the credibility of individual sources. Summary According to my research, there is a degradation of sound quality when an analog sound (Vinyl, Cassette, etc) is converted to a digital format (mp3, wav, etc) because the process involves continual waves transforming into series of discrete values. However, not only the degradation is negligible but also hardly detectable by ordinary human ears. Some people argue that vinyl records are better but in reality they are not. Very few people can distinguish between continual waves (ex. vinyl records) and 320kbps (ex. good quality .mp3). In other words, their sound qualities are hard to compare. Therefore, other abilities should be taken to account. Digital sound can be duplicated exactly, stored in mass quantities into a single device and preserved almost forever. Also, noises like the cracking sound in vinyl records can be added into digital music easily. In other words, there are many things that digital music can do but analog music cannot do while there are only few things that analog music can do but digital music cannot do. Introduction During the past decades, there were many mediums of music such as vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs and mp3s. All these can be divided into two major groups: analog and digital. Analog signals include vinyl records, cassette tapes. Digital signals include various digital audio formats (mp3, wav and etc). With modern technologies, converting between mediums is now possible. Therefore, most of music today are stored digitally due to its high efficiency (mass producible,
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ENGINEERING 100 research report - 1 ENGINEERING 100-800...

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