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Quiz_Policies - • In the case of athletic religious...

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Fall 2009 Chemistry 130 Quiz Policies Dear CHM 130 Students: Please read over the following policies, ask questions to your GSI for further explanation if needed, and sign at the bottom of this form. Eleven (11), fifteen(10)- minute quizzes will be given. One (1) quiz will be take-home. Due date and material will be announced by the graduate student instructor (GSI). The student may not go to office hours, instructors, or GSIs for assistance on these quizzes. Two (2) lowest quiz scores will be dropped. These quizzes are intended to account for unexpected illnesses, absences, family emergencies, etc. Only if you miss two consecutive quizzes due to extended illness you might be eligible for a make-up quiz. Athletic, religious, and academic conflicts and illness lasting more than two weeks are the ONLY acceptable absences.
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Unformatted text preview: • In the case of athletic, religious, and/or academic absences, written, documented evidence must be provided at least four (4) days in advance. In the case of extended absences due to illness, a signed letter from a doctor should be presented upon the first day of the student’s return to class. o Failure to abide by these rules will result in the student losing the privilege to take a make-up quiz. o Make-up quizzes will be scheduled between the student and the GSI. o Make-up quizzes will be administered individually and the student will receive the usual amount of time (10 minutes). • Should a grade correction be requested, the student shall inform the GSI of the request within one week of receiving the score or by the next discussion section, whichever is shorter....
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