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CHEMISTRY 130 General Chemistry: Macroscopic Investigations and Reaction Principles Fall 2009 Syllabus Chemistry 130 is a general introduction to the principles of chemistry. Chemistry 130 meets as lectures and discussion sections only. General Chemistry laboratory is a separate course (Chemistry 125) which is recommended to be taken concurrently but does not need to be - it can be taken in a later term. Some entering students have had the equivalent of CHM 130 in high school and proceed directly to Chemistry 210. The usual requirement for this is advanced placement (AP) 4 or 5 credit. In Chemistry 130 you will attend lectures three times per week. The lecture sections are listed below. In addition, you will meet once per week in a discussion class, lead by a graduate student instructor (GSI), who provides individual help with assignments. Weekly quizzes (10-15 minutes) will be given in discussions. unique Lecturer name Office Section Time Room Jadwiga Sipowska dotie Chem 3545 ----------Course Coordinator---------- Nicolai Lehnert lehnertn Chem 2807 100 10-11 1800 Jadwiga Sipowska dotie Chem 3545 200 1-2 1800 Kristin Smith-Koutmou jkristin Chem 2405 300 2-3 1800 Jadwiga Sipowska dotie Chem 3545 400 10-11 1640 Barry Dunietz bdunietz Chem 2000D 500 9-10 1210 Required Course Materials 1. The required textbook for CHEM 130 is Ebbing/Gammon, Chemistry, 8th ed., Media Enhanced Edition, custom edition for the University of Michigan. The text is available at all of the Ann Arbor campus bookstores. This edition has been specially designed to save students money, by i) including textbook material that corresponds precisely to the course syllabus ii) including the partial solutions manual material under the same cover. 2. A Qwizdom remote (at Showcase for $35.00 with a UM ID). Keep the original receipt to get a $15.00 rebate, for up to 1 year. 3. For exams and quizzes, you will need a non-programmable scientific calculator . (Programmable calculators are not allowed. Any TI 80 or above is unacceptable). CTools ( CTools is a web site that contains information, assignments, etc., related to individual courses and sections at the University of Michigan. The CTools site for Chem 130 is used by your lecturer to post course-related material of all kinds, including supplemental information, information about tests and quizzes, assignments, lectures, etc. You should check CTools often. The Science Learning Center (SLC). The SLC is located just outside Chem 1800 (the large lecture hall) in the mezzanine of the Atrium of the Chemistry Building. The SLC contains many resources to help you learn chemistry. It is where the GSI's hold office hours and where the Peer-Study groups meet (see below). Office Hours of GSIs
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Syllabus - CHEMISTRY 130 General Chemistry: Macroscopic...

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