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version: 10 April 2009 1 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA DAVIS Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering ECI 171L Soil Mechanics Laboratory MEMORANDUM To: ECI 171L Students Date: April, 2010 From: ECI 171L TAs Subject: Course Outline for ECI-171-L Soil Mechanics Laboratory Text: Guidelines for each laboratory will be uploaded onto the course web page in the week prior to the laboratory. Sections and TAs: Section & Time TA e-mail Office Hours (1216 Bainer) ECI-171L-001 Wed 2-5 Dong Soon Park Wednesday 12 –2pm ECI-171L-002 Mon 2-5 Ronnie Kamai Friday 11 am - 12 ECI-171L-003 Wed 5-8 Dong Soon Park Wednesday 12 – 2pm ECI-171L-004 Thu 5-8 Babak Kamrani Monday 1 - 2pm ECI-171L-005 Mon 17-20 Jui-Ching Chou Thursday 11 am - 12 ECI-171L-006 Tue 17-20 Thang Nguyen Tuesday 2pm - 3pm Laboratory Outline: Week Laboratory topic #1 (week of March 29) No lab #2 (week of Apr 5th) Classification_1 (Sieve, and Visual Analysis) #3 (week of Apr 12th) Classification_2 (Atterberg limits, and Hydrometer) #4 (week of Apr 19th)
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This note was uploaded on 04/09/2010 for the course ECI 171 taught by Professor Kutter during the Spring '08 term at UC Davis.

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