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E-190 PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF ENGINEERS PART B - VERBAL PRESENTATIONS 1. Goal Engineers must be able to effectively communicate or "sell" their ideas, services or products. They do this in writing and in verbal presentations. The goal of the verbal presentation portion of E-190 is to learn how to give a persuasive and effective verbal presentation. 2. Verbal Presentation You will be assigned to a section of 20 students that meets for one hour each week for eight weeks. Each of you will give one 10-minute verbal presentation to the section. Attendance at each weekly section meeting is required because each of you will critique the other students' verbal presentations. The section TA will also give a written and verbal critique for each presentation, including a numerical grade that will constitute 20% of your final grade for the course. Your verbal presentation will be video recorded. You will view the video recording at home, and submit to the TA a written critique of your own presentation. 3.
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e190_verbal_pres_info_102 - E-190 PROFESSIONAL...

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