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e102_midterm_practice_probs - E-102 Mid-Term Practice...

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Unformatted text preview: /.) E-102 Mid-Term Practice Problems A girl rolls a ball up an incline and allows it to re— turn to her. For the angle 9 and ball involved the ac— celeration of the ball along the incline is constant at 0.25g, directed down the incline. If the ball is re- leased with a speed of 4 m/s, determine the distance 3 it moves up the incline before reversing its direc- tion and the total time 1 required for the ball to re- turn to the child‘s hand. Ans. s = 3.26 m, t = 3.26 s The car is traveling at a constant speed yo = 100 km/h on the level portion of the road. When the 6-percent (tan 0 = 6/100) incline is encountered, the driver does not change the throttle setting and con- sequently the car deoelerates at the constant rate 3 sin 8. Determine the speed of the car (a) 10 seconds after passing pointA and (b) when 5 = 100 m. Ans. (a) v = 21.9 m/s, (b) u = 25.6 m/s 3l The coefficient of static friction between the flatbed £7) The robot arm is elevating and extending simulta- neously At a given instant, 9 = 30", H = 10 deg/s = constant, I: 0.,5m l- — 0.,2111/5 and l --03m/sz. Compute the magnitudes of the velocity v and ac- celeration a of the gripped part P. In addition, ex- of the truck and the crate it carries is 0.30. Deter- mine the minimum stopping distance s which the tiuck can have from a speed of 70 km/h with con- stant deceleration if the crate is not to slip forward. Ans. s = 64.3 m press v and a in terms of the unit vectors i and j. * 0296 m/s, (1 = 0.345 m/s2 v = 0.064i + 0.289j m/s 3 = ~o.3zsi — 0.1086j m/s.2 The small spheres, which have the masses and ini- tial velocities shown in the figure, strike and be- come attached to the spiked ends of the rod, which is freely pivoted at O and is initially at rest. Deter- mine the angular velocity m of the assembly after impact. Neglect the mass of the rod. ans: 5v/3L Q l The three small spheres are weldedkto the light rigid frame which is rotating in a horizontal plane about a vertical axis through 0 with an angular ve- locity 3‘ = 20 rad/s. Ifa couple Mo = 30 N- m is ap- plied to the frame for 5 seconds compute the new angular velocity 8. . Ans. 0' : 80.7 rad/s ...
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