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e102_hw2 - (il(a At a certain instant the 80-lb crate has a...

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Unformatted text preview: (il (a\ At a certain instant, the 80-lb crate has a velocity of 30 ft/ sec up the 20° incline. Calculate the time t required for the crate to come to rest and the cor- responding distance d traveled. Also, determine the distance d’ traveled when the crate speed has been reduced to 15 it/ sec. 120 = 30 ft/sec The collar A is free to slide along the smoothshaft 7 B mounted in the frame. The plane of the frame is vertical. Determine the horizontal acceleration a of the frame necessary to maintain the collar in a fixed position on the shaft. The 10-kg steel sphere is suspended from the l5-kg frame which slides down the 20° incline. If the 00- efficient of kinetic friction between the frame and incline is 0.15, compute the tension in each of the supporting wires A and B. Tia-102 H.W. 2 : If the coefficients of static and kinetic friction be- (413 tween the 20-kg block A and the 100-kg cart B are both essentially the same value of 0.50, determine the acceleration of each part for (a) P = 60 N and (b) P = 40 N. .12qu ( 5\ The system is released from rest with the cable taut. For the friction coefficients as = 0.25 and uh = 0.20, calculate the acceleration of each body and the tension T in the cable. Neglect the small mass and friction of the pulleys. (90 kg ...
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