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Unformatted text preview: The cart B moves to the right with acceleration a = 2g. If the steady-state angular deflection of the uniform slender rod of mass 3m is observed to be 20°, determine the value of the torsional spring constant K The spring, which exerts a mo- ment of magnitude M = K9 on the rod, is unde— formed when the rod is vertical. The values of m and l are 0.5 kg and 0.6 m, respectively. Treat the small end sphere of mass m as a particle. The two uniform identical bars are freely hingelii at the lower ends and are supported at the upper: ends by small rollers of negligible mass which rolls on a horizontal rail. Determine the steady-Stat angle 9 assumed by the bars when they are ac celerating under the action of a constant foroeF Y Also find the vertical forces on the rollers at 155 and B. '7? The uniform 16.1»lb slender bar is hinged about a horizontal axis through 0 and released from rest in the horizontal position. Determine the dis- tance b from the mass center to 0 which will re- sult in an initial angular acceleration of 16.1 rad/secg, and find the force R on the bar at 0 just ‘ after release. l; l E-102 H.W. 7 (<4) The uniform semicircular bar of mass m and ra- ' dius r is hinged freely about a horizontal axis through A. If the bar is released from rest in the position shown where AB is horizontal, deter- mine the initial angular acceleration a of the bar and‘the expression for the force exerted on the bar by the pin at A (Note carefully that the initial tangential acceleration of the mass center is not vertical.) The uniform steel I—beam has a mass of 300 kg and is supported in the vertical plane as shown. Calculate the force R supported by the pin at O for the condition immediately after the support at B is suddenly removed. The mass of the bracket on the left end is small and may be ne- glected. Also treat the beam as a uniform slender bari ...
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