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e102_hw8 - (n The rectangular steel plate of mass 12 kg is...

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Unformatted text preview: (n The rectangular steel plate of mass 12 kg is welded to the shaft with its plane tilted 15° from the plane (x-y) normal to the shaft axis. The shaft and plate are rotating about the fixed z-axis at the rate N = 300 rev/ min. Determine the angu- lar momentum Ho of the plate about the given axes and find its kinetic energy TV The solid circular disk of mass m = 2 kg and radius r = 100 mm rolls in a circle of radius 1) = 200 mm on the horizontal plane without slipping. If the center line OC of the axle of the wheel ro- tates about the z-axis with an angular velocity u) = 411 rad/s, determine the expression for the angular momentum of the disk with respect to the fixed point 0. Also compute the kinetic en- , ergy of the wheel. E-102 H.W. 8 C3) The uniform slender bar of length l and mass m is welded to the shaft, which rotates in hearings A and B with a constant angular velocity a). De- termine the expression for the force supported by the bearing at B as a function of 0‘ Consider only the force due to the dynamic imbalance and as- sume that the bearings can support radial forces only. m The partial ring has a mass p per unit length of rim and is welded to the shaft at A. Determine the bending moment M in the ring at A due to the rotation of the ring for an angular velocity to. The uniform square plate of mass m is welded at 0 to the end of the shaft which rotates about the vertical z-axis with a constant angular velocity to. Determine the moment applied to the plate by the weld due only to the rotation. ...
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