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BSsq-lect08 metazophylo&devel

BSsq-lect08 metazophylo&devel - BIS 1B(Winter 2008...

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BIS 1B (Winter 2008) Study Questions: Metazoan phylogeny and development Lecture 8 1. What is the difference between a clade and a monophyletic group? 2. Distinguish between anagenesis and cladogenesis. 3. Compare and contrast the biological species concept with the phenetic (or morphological) species concept. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each. Which is most appropriate for asexual organisms? 4. Explain the difference between prezygotic and postzygotic isolating factors. Which are thought to be important in allopatric speciation? Under what conditions might selection favor the reinforcement of reproductive isolating factors? 5. Give an example of a “ring species” and explain the paradox that it poses. 6. What is the evidence for allopatric speciation? For sympatric speciation? 7. How might cladistic (phylogenetic) analysis of several closely related species indicate what mode of speciation has been important in their evolution?
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