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BSsq-lect12 pseudo - acoelomates. 5. List the various...

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BIS 1B (Winter 2008) Study Questions: Pseudocoelomates- Nematoda Lecture 12 1. List 4 major features (there are several more) shared in common among the 9 Pseudocoelomate phyla. 2. Define the Pseudocoelomate condition and compare that with the Acoelomate and Eucoelomate conditions. 3. Discuss parenchyma in the context of invertebrate structure and in the context of vertebrate structure. 4. Suggest several advantages of the pseudocoelomate condition over that of the
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Unformatted text preview: acoelomates. 5. List the various components of nematodes that facilitate their movement and characterize the process by which they move. 6. What are the principal foodstuffs of the nematodes? 7. Chose a nematode life history and briefly characterize it including when, where and what kind of reproduction occurs. 1...
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