Labs_1_and_2 Genetics

Labs_1_and_2 Genetics - Genetics Lab The first two labs...

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Genetics Lab The first two labs have dealt primarily with genetics. Lab 1 focused on the basics of genetics by introducing the ideas of what a gene is, what an allele is, etc. The purpose of this was to get everyone to the same starting point regarding genetics. What we’re concerned about in this course is how inheritance works. A basic understanding of genetics is necessary in order to understand inheritance. An understanding of inheritance is critical in order to understand how evolution by natural selection works. If you recall the three conditions for natural selection, one of those deals with the idea that a phenotypic trait provides some sort of selective advantage that must be passed down to the offspring—in other words, there has to be a genetic basis for that trait. Otherwise populations of organisms would not evolve in response to their environments (e.g., adaptation), interactions with other organisms (e.g., competition, predation), or even interactions among themselves (e.g., sexual selection.) Again, Lab 1 was primarily focused on the idea of inheritance. First of all, how do we recognize traits? Eye color has a genetic basis and we know, at least for lab 1, that there is a dominant eye color and a recessive eye color. How are these traits passed to their offspring? We know this by looking at the genotypes of the offspring. This tells us something about the genotypes of the parents. You looked at this in two ways: 1) by looking at fruit fly
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Labs_1_and_2 Genetics - Genetics Lab The first two labs...

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