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2A F08 Lab Schedule - made before lab The prelab quiz is...

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Chemistry 2A Laboratory Information & Schedule Students must read the laboratory experiment, complete the pre-laboratory assignment, and complete the online pre-laboratory quiz at least 1 hour before coming to class. If you have any questions about the experiment to be performed, be prepared to ask your TA during your pre-lab introduction. All experimental data and observations will be taken directly into the laboratory notebook. Your TA must initial these entries each day before leaving the laboratory. A student must complete all labs and submit a laboratory report for all of the assigned laboratory work in order to pass the course. All laboratory work (including the online post-labs) must be submitted before the next normally scheduled laboratory meeting or at the time indicated by the teaching assistant. A laboratory report consists of: Title, Purpose, Procedure, Data Tables These constitute the prelab and must be prepared prior to coming to lab. Blank data tables should be
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Unformatted text preview: made before lab. The prelab quiz is completed online at least 1 hour before coming to lab. Data, Calculations, Questions, Results, Summary, Conclusion These are done outside of lab time. The conclusion is to consist of a couple of well-written paragraphs discussing the results and possible sources of errors. Week Week Beginning Experiment 1 September 29 Check In / Safety Instructions 2 October 6 Intro. Lab Techniques Nomenclature Online Quiz (Due week of 10/20) 3 October 13 Observing Chemical Rxns. (Reminder: Dry KHP for next lab) 4 October 20 Reactions of Copper 5 October 27 Volumetric Analysis, Part I 6 November 3 Volumetric Analysis, Part II 7 November 10 Mon. & Tues. No Lab; Discussion section will be held. Wed. & Thurs. Spectrophotometry, Part I 8 November 17 Mon. & Tues. Spectrophotometry, Part I Wed. & Thurs. Spectrophotometry, Part II 9 November 24 Mon. & Tues. Spectrophotometry, Part II Wed. & Thurs. No Lab 10 December 1 Avogadro's Number/Check-Out...
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