project-5b-709856 - I NTRODUCTION TO C OMPUTER S CIENCE I P...

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Unformatted text preview: I NTRODUCTION TO C OMPUTER S CIENCE I P ROJECT 5 A Revision 0 [2010-Mar-25] Divide and conquer, part II 1 Seeing the future Yesterday, you walked into Frost Library to return a book. 1 You then decided to look up Knuth’s The Art of Computer Programming . Seeing that it was down in C-level, you descended the stairs. Strangely, though, when you got down to C-level, you noticed, in the semi-darkness, that the stairs continued down another level . You had never seen these stairs before, thinking that C-level was the bottom of this architectural eyesore. 2 Feeling adventurous, you went down the stairs to the little-known and, as it turned out, magical D-level. In it, you found stacks of periodicals—newspapers, magazines, etc. You approached a stack of Wall Street Journals, and picked up the one on the top. It’s date was March 26, 2010 . “But ...that’s tomorrow !” you exclaimed. Digging through the stack, each Journal was marked as being yet another day into the future. Disbelieving, you write down the titles of a couple of articles: GDP Revised Lower , and U.S. Expands Effort to Help Homeowners . There’s even a sports article on Syracuse’s loss to Butler! 3 At night, you watched Butler beat Syracuse, and by the exact score in the paper that you saw on D-level. This morning, you woke up, ran to Hastings, and bought a copy of the WSJ—and there were those headlines you wrote down, verbatim. Wow. You ran back to Frost, and went down the stairs into D-level again. Tomorrow’s paper was there, and so was the next day’s, etc. And you seem to be the only person in the room. It’s not even clear anyone else has ever seen it. Sensing opportunity, you grab the next few days of the journal, and you look at the stock prices. Wow. If these newspapers are what they seem to be, you could make a killing! So, you grab your laptop out of your backpack, and you pick a stock—Google is always a favorite—and start writing down its prices for tomorrow, the next day, and so on. After many hours of labor, you have a lengthy list of Google share prices, day by day, going years into the future. Now you realize that you need to take advantage of this magical information in order to make as much money as possible. Good thing you’re taking CS 11! Otherwise, you would have trouble figuring out how to calculate, from this list of numbers, on which day you should buy as much Google stock as you can afford, and on which later day you should sell it....
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2010 for the course COSC 11 taught by Professor Kaplan during the Spring '10 term at UMass (Amherst).

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project-5b-709856 - I NTRODUCTION TO C OMPUTER S CIENCE I P...

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