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MGT 437 Project Management MGT 437 Week One PROJECT DEFINITION Introduction You have been working in a company for a while when a senior manager approaches you and asks, “How about helping me out with this process improvement project?” What thoughts would immediately cross your mind? Would you know where you fit in the project organization? What are the expectations of the Project Manager? What are the project deliverables? How is the project organized? Why is this project being conducted? These questions, and many others, will probably cross your mind. By examining the process of project management you should gain insight as to how to find the answers to these questions. In today’s organizations, and even in private life, Project Management can be a very practical and logical way to put order into the myriad of interrelated activities that typically comprise a project. This week’s focus is an introduction to Project Management and topics include the need for Project Management, the project planning process, how projects tie into goals or strategic objectives, and project selection criteria. The focus during the first week’s class is on Background and Statement of Need, Project Objectives, and Project Selection Criteria. Discussion of a Key Point, Thread, or Objective The Importance of Project Management to an Organization Project Management is a process to guide a team to a known set of deliverables and a defined outcome. Organizations typically have processes or procedures to define how they carry on the
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MGT437r3RMFW1 - MGT 437 Project Management MGT 437 Week One...

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