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MGT 437 Project Management MGT 437 Week Three PROJECT PLANNING – PEOPLE AND TEAMS Introduction A project team is composed of an assortment of folks from various disciplines. The team has members with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This can be a challenge for the PM. Trying to get all the members to move in a unified manner toward a singular goal is a serious challenge. Aiding that challenge is the communication plan. Imagine you are taking a family vacation with your spouse, two children, (one 8 years old and one 15 years old), a family friend and your mother-in-law. The plan for the vacation would be to travel by car to the airport, fly to Los Angles, drive to Disneyland, and stay at a hotel across the road from the park. This is, in effect, a project plan. Getting each person to commit to the plan, understand the cost and schedule, and execute it to the planned schedule would require a bunch of communication. Each member would have preferences and interests. There would be various motivations and expectations. As the organizer you would have a task to communicate the plan to each member and much communication would be required to keep everyone on track. This example should make it clear as to how important the communication to a project team can be. Teams usually have some conflict during the project. It is how the conflict is identified, managed,
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MGT437r3RMFW3 - MGT 437 Project Management MGT 437 Week...

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