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Mills-Jones Wedding 1 Mills-Jones Wedding LEARNING TEAM “A” University of Phoenix Ron Hill MGT 437
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Mills-Jones Wedding 2 Introduction A wedding is a special day that is held by a ceremony in which two people engage in marriage. Weddings differ from many customers such as traditions, values and religions. Team A has decided to take on a project for planning a wedding, one of the most important days for our customer. Our project will take certain measurements to ensure that our wedding project is successful. By doing this our team will ensure to address briefly the project stakeholders and how they are impacted by the project. As well as address the project goals, completion date of the project and set a budget by listing out the expenses. In addition our team will discuss the project’s performance by specifying the performance criteria, project scope by a Statement of Work (SOW) and a proposal summary. Our wedding project will be presented to our customer by demonstrating the benefits from successful completion and justifying the proposed costs of the wedding. Background and statement of need Donna Mills originally from Cabot Arkansas and John Jones originally from Portland Oregon, met at their school. They have yet graduated and have been living together for just over three years in a small place in Cape Cod. Mr. Jones asked Ms. Mills for her hand in marriage at a small bistro in front of all their friends, she happily said yes. Ms. Mills and Mr. Jones called our company “Christies Wedding Planners” to assist them and making their wedding day the best event that is possible. The Phone call to reserve our company was taken the 23 rd of June, 2009 for a wedding date of September 1 st , 2009, this in-turn gives us just over two months to make this wedding the best possible wedding that our company can.
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Mills-Jones Wedding 3 Christies Wedding Planners have seven workers who do the planning of weddings. They are responsible for finding the best place for the cake, the location and helping with the set up and the invitations. The company will assign a team of two planners to assist in this wedding. Worker 1: Responsible for cake, decorations, invitations, Gown, Tuxedo, odds and ends Worker 2: Responsible for location, set up and tear down, all aspects of the wedding at the location. This is the biggest wedding that our company has handled and at the farthest location
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