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Management Structures 1 Project Management Organizational Structures University of Phoenix MGT 437
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Project management organizational structure can be summed up in three different traditional types: Functional, Matrix and Pure Project. Each structure can be specifically related to certain types of projects. Some are a better fit to maximize the outcomes or objectives of the project. The main objective of any team is to maximize the outcome by using limited resources. Efficiency is highly important and of course quality is a major factor as well. Numerous The first type of organizational structure is functional. This structure is a well rounded structure and is capable of being used in most basic work environments and projects. Functional structure can be assigned one of two ways. One way has one manager assigned to the project leader position. This manager divides the duties among the different departments to work toward the overall objective. This manager is responsible for all aspects of the project and works to oversee all the progress. The second way is to allow each department within an organization to contribute as a department to specified tasks that will be brought together to reach a larger goal. Each department manager is the team leader for their department and project. This manager is responsible for their team’s work and if it has been completed. This type of
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MGT437-SAMPLE PMOSP-WK3 - Management Structures 1 Project...

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