Stellar Models and The Bomb

Stellar Models and The Bomb - Stellar Models and The Bomb...

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Stellar Models and The Bomb Introduction: This week, the course will cover: The nature and importance of light and electromagnetic waves. The nature of the sun. The structure and properties of stars. Stellar evolution. In this week's lecture, I would like to return to two topics of the first week's lecture, namely how advances in Astronomy are often closely tied to advances in related areas of knowledge and improved abilities to perform calculations were critical to the advancement of Astronomy Lecture: In the first week's lecture, we saw how Kepler's analysis of Brahe's data led to a simple and very accurate model of the motions of Solar System objects. Later this model was applied to observations of Uranus and predicted the existence of the planet Neptune. Mathematical models are an integral part of Astronomy. As we just saw, models can be created or modified in order to explain existing observations. Models can also be used to predict observations which, depending on the outcome, will either confirm or falsify the model. The history of Astronomy is the history of increasingly accurate models for what exists or occurs in the universe. It is sometimes useful to divide astronomers into two groups, 'observer' and 'theoreticians'. The 'observers' concentrate on creating new instruments or new techniques in order to make new observations. Once the observations are made, they will analyze their data to derive new or better parameters for the models of the objects which they were observing. My doctoral thesis was an 'observational' project which involved measuring the recession velocities of about eighty galaxies and deriving the motion of this set of galaxies with respect to a more distant reference frame. The other group of astronomers, the 'theoreticians', concentrate their efforts on creating
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Stellar Models and The Bomb - Stellar Models and The Bomb...

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