Issa-exemp-draft - it’s just annoying Im driving way...

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10/22/2009 Exemplification Essay Receiving your driver’s license is a privilege, but it does come with consequences. When I drive, theirs always three things that get on my nerves the most, when a driver cuts you off without even turning his signal on is one. Another one is when people start tailgating you for no apparent reason. The worst one of all is when slow drivers drive in the left lane. Im driving at a good pace of speed, and there’s a fellow guy driving besides me. There’s a guy in front of the guy driving besides me, and he is driving very slowly. So im thinking he would slow down and pull up behind me, but no, he just comes out of nowhere and cuts me off. The worst thing about it is he didn’t even signal and let me know he was going to do that. It would be different if he signaled but no he just had to be ignorant. Tailgating is an awesome thing to do, but only at football games. Other than that
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Unformatted text preview: it’s just annoying. Im driving way above the speed limit and this guy comes out of nowhere and starts tailgating me. I really don’t think there’s a reason for that but that’s just another way of showing how people are very disrespectful when they drive. Im pretty sure it clearly says that the left lane is the fast lane in the learner’s book. Driving on the highway, drop top back, wind streaming through my hair, then it stops all of a sudden. Ill be enjoying myself driving above the speed limit in the left lane until a very slow driver decides to be selfish and joins me in the left lane. I don’t know what people think when they drive slowly in the left lane but it just makes me real angry. It’s a crazy experiment when you drive, people cutting you off, not turning their signal on, super slow drivers, tailgaters. Too much to list but you know what I mean....
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Issa-exemp-draft - it’s just annoying Im driving way...

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