PSY 265 Gender Identity - GenderIdentity1 Gender Identity...

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Gender Identity 1 Gender Identity Amy Millisock PSY 265
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Gender Identity 2 Gender identity has become somewhat of a controversial issue not only in the United States, but around the world. Typically a person is said to be female or male depending on their assigned sex. Certain biological characteristics are used to determine whether or not a person is a “boy or girl” when they are born. While biological factors play a role that is small in gender identity, the main factor has more to do with psychological factors. One’s gender identity is, in most cases, based upon their actual chromosomal sex (Nevid, Rathus & Fichner-Rathus, 2005). The difference between one’s assigned gender and one’s gender identity lies within the psychological realm. Although someone may have been deemed male at birth, this person may not psychologically relate to being a male. This person may feel more comfortable being feminine rather than masculine. So, while this person’s assigned gender is male, their gender identity is actually feminine. Gender identity is different from a person’s actual gender (which is biological), gender roles (which are social differences), and gender stereotypes that have been created by society. There are several factors that can affect one’s gender identity. The way a person is treated as an infant or child (nurture) can help shape one’s gender identity. Parents usually view their child as
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PSY 265 Gender Identity - GenderIdentity1 Gender Identity...

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