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appendix g - peril and dangers can be found more frequently...

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This essays make a multitude of points which each are used to support the arguments that Americans were extremely emotionally involved in the 9/11 attacks, and that this emotional investment was not warranted and/or efficient for security and legislative purposes. The author mentions that our reaction to 9/11 had matched the levels of Pearl Harbor, yet there have been more lives lost in other events between these two events. The author says this was do to the whirlwind of media and news coverage. The author also suggests that there was a lot of propaganda which instilled an unnatural fear in US Citizens. He states that this fear is holding people back from realizing that
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Unformatted text preview: peril and dangers can be found more frequently on a domestic level than an international terrorist level. I would claim that his thoughts and logic process makes a lot of sense, and his arguments are deductively strong. Especially when he compares the risk of an auto accident versus a terrorist attack. I do feel that this essay contained some bias,rhetoric and fallacies. Each of these devices was used in order for the reader to be persuaded and develop an emotional attachment to the author's perspective. Overall I feel this article is valid for research purposes, but it would not be the only document I...
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