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asst1 - the calculation Suggested Problems The following...

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Statistics 427: Homework #1 Due October 6, 2008 To be turned in for credit : Chapter 2: 2.3: “Three components are connected to form a system...” 2.11: “A mutual fund company offers its customers...” 2.22: “The route used by a certain motorist in commuting to work...” 2.30: “A friend of mine is giving a dinner party. His current wine...” 2.41: “A mathematics professor wishes to schedule an appointment...” Remember that you must show all work when answering the questions. If the answer to the question is a calculation, be sure to write down the formula you used or describe how you made
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Unformatted text preview: the calculation. Suggested Problems The following suggested problems do not need to be turned in: 2.2: “Suppose that vehicles taking a particular freeway. ..” 2.16: “An individual is presented with three different glasses of cola. ..” 2.25: “The three major options on a certain type of new car. ..” 2.32: “A stereo store is offering a special price on a complete set. ..” 2.33: “Again consider a Little League team. ..”...
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