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Crossing Borders - simple to define First migration flows...

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-1 Alexandria Xereas-Gonzales Government 491 Professor Smith November 13, 2008 Crossing Borders Fiona Adamson analyzes the difficulty of international migration flows and recognizes this problem as a problem that countries within the international security environments are dealing with. This dilemma threatening international security, is not one that is due solely to the fact of migration but, is one with multiple, and complex, factors. She sees the need for state’s to design and refine their policy and evaluations, and implement more conventional forms of them. Adamson sees the first necessary thing to be done as devising migration policies that are appropriate to the international security environment at hand. This means assessing the range of effects that cross-border flows of people can have on the overall security interests of states. She sees the core national security concerns as being very
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Unformatted text preview: simple to define. First: migration flows influence the capacity and the autonomy of state’s. While they do influence capacity and autonomy, the extent to which they do is different in every case. Secondly, globalization processes may bring more change in the relationship between states autonomy and state capacity. These two components, autonomy and state capacity, are thought to go “hand in hand” according to Adamson. Migration greatly influences and changes the environment in which states make their policy as well as their security policy. The factors within migrations that cause such influence are many but can be broken down into the following main contributors: state capacity and autonomy, the balance of power, and the nature of violent conflict within state’s as a direct result of migration....
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