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Economics and National Security Paper - security and...

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Xereas-Gonzales 1 -1Alexandria Xereas-Gonzales Government 491 Professor Smith October 14, 2008 Scarcity: The Driving Force In this essay, I will argue that scarcity drives economics and thus feeds into national security. Since the most primitive of times, states have known scarcity to cause great conflict in terms of economy. This fear has been the culprit for multiple wars and conflicts between states. States, even those who have historically cooperated with one another, are mindful that other actors do not achieve gains higher to theirs to ensure their
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Unformatted text preview: security and soaring economy. When things are difficult to ascertain and states are facing the prospect of deprivation, across multiple fronts, the onset of war, or at least conflict, is extremely likely; even amongst “friends”. Even in the most ancient of times, a states primary concern was to make certain that it had all variables necessary for survival. It seems as though things have changed very little, if at all, throughout the course of history....
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