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-1Alexandria Xereas-Gonzales Government 491 Professor Smith September 3, 2008 John Gaventa, Power and Powerlessness : Quiescence & Rebellion in an Appalachian Valley Gaventa presents multiple questions in regard to minor groups in society and why they are not eagerly rebellious against the powerful actors in policy. He sets up multiple arguments to understanding the quiescence amongst the underdogs in society and even provides some insight into how these smaller groups could gain change within the political realm. Power, according to Gaventa, is understood as having a one dimensional approach, a two dimensional, and a three dimensional approach. The first dimension seeks to understand who are the actors in politics, who are those who sit back and do nothing, who are the winners and who are the losers in both situations. This dimension openly believes that those who sit back and do not act out are the losers in the game and that “non-participation or inaction is not a political problem.” This approach, taking by
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gaventa summary - -1Alexandria Xereas-Gonzales Government...

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