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-1Alexandria Xereas-Gonzales Government 491 Professor Smith September 15, 2008 Why International Primacy Matters This reading from Huntington gives an in depth look into why international primacy matters for super powers, like the United States, and what exactly states achieve when they maintain their primacy and what they stand to lose if they are surpassed by other rising states. International primacy means that a government is able to exercise more influence on the actions of other actors with respect to greater issues than any other government in any other states. Huntington reinforces the idea that international primacy holds great importance, ultimately, for the sole reason that power matters greatly. He notes that with respect to power, absolute gains are meaningless and relative gains are most important. Huntington states that power is what enables people to shape their environments so as to reflect their interests first and foremost. Power enables a state to protect its security and
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Huntington Summary - -1Alexandria Xereas-Gonzales...

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