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Liberman Summary - gains.” The current security threat...

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-1Alexandria Xereas-Gonzales Government 491 Professor Smith September 18, 2008 Trading with the Enemy Liberman proposes some multipolar tests of relative-gains through a few different actors throughout recent history. He found that states who were trading with other states who they saw to be gaining more, in terms of relative gains, kept from trading with these states any further. An actor will cut off its import/export with another when the gains are disproportionately benefiting one side over the other. Liberman notes that continual cooperation through restrictions imposed by other states because of an increase in gains on one side vs. the other, shows that relative gains are low under multipolar systems. Also he points out that leaders of states were also fearful of the economic sanctions proposed that could lead to a threat against another state and thus eventual war. Liberman states that “multi-polarity reduces the security ramifications of relative
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Unformatted text preview: gains.” The current security threat throughout the world are nations who home nuclear weapons. Before the nuclear era, countries relied on their economies to measure whether or not they could provide efficient security for the states relative to its aggressor. Now that the nuclear era is here states are increasingly more fearful of an outbreak of such a war amongst other states supplied with these weapons. Liberman notes that this has ‘dampened the military significance of economic advantage and mitigated the security component of the relative-gains problem.” Liberman has concluded that states, such as the United States, will continue to propose bargains with Europe and Japan, not out of any range of concern for relative military power, but solely for economic prosperity....
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Liberman Summary - gains.” The current security threat...

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