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-1Alexandria Xereas-Gonzales Government 491 Professor Smith September 15, 2008 Do Relative Gains Matter? Perhaps one of the biggest arguments within the realist school of thought, is whether or not relative gains matter more so than absolute gains when it comes to states. Mastanduno presents in his essay some interesting points both in support of and against the degree of importance that relative gains holds. Initially he presents some data from polls conducted within the United States in which poll takers stated that they believed Japan would be the number one economic power and that Japan posed a greater threat against American security more so than the military power of the Soviet Union. These polls were conducted in 1990 at which time Japan was prospering in multiple areas of production and ultimately surpassing the United States in technological advances as well as other areas. Mastanduno proposes multiple questions throughout this essay in concluding whether or not “relative gains matter“ or not. A few of these questions are: Are such
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Mastanduno Summary - -1Alexandria Xereas-Gonzales...

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