A summary of the Walmart Tour

A summary of the Walmart Tour - This cold storage facility...

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A summary of the Walmart Tour: We entered the facility and proceeded to the Cold storage for perishable products. On the left hand side initially (the first storage area) I saw half filled racks, noted there were full pallets (maybe bakery items…not sure what it actually was) After this we went inside a cold room(1 st one) It was the Wet room storing Lettuce and other such vegetables. Had a really high humidity. 34-35 F…. HAYS containers …Dr. Bartholdi said something about the containers on which you stack the pallet load being moved around the supply chain from vendor to DC to store and back…good re-usability About 60% full. The next cold room which was even colder but did not have high humidity was for fresh fruits like strawberries and oranges & watermelons…was sweet smelling and it needed appropriate temperature control of 32 F. Walmart received 15000 cases for these fruits items and Jeff said it would turn the same day, about 14000 cases would go out on the same night.
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Unformatted text preview: This cold storage facility occupied approximately 380,000 sq feet. The next and the biggest store room was the Freezer which stored frozen foods, ice creams were stored in the room on the left of the freezer. Entrance was through the freezer section. Case picking ranges from 300-400 cases/hr. There was high racking storage. ( Question: Was there case picking done majorly my notes say there was little but still the metrics say 300-400 cases/hr so is the metric I jotted down wrong, does not belong to this place or they actually case pick, though I saw them pick Pallets i.e. forklift trucks Jeff explained the way their system keeps track of expiry date at receiving, the system directs the worker in charge of storing from receiving to store it in the place of the nearest empty location. Will this have an impact on order picking and taking it to Outbound on the other side? Jeff also explained that to ensure accuracy, t...
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