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MGT6772: Intel’s Copy EXACTLY! Technology Transfer Nishant S Jain Process engineering in semiconductor manufacturing has become highly complex with evolving technology generations. The cost of development and capital has increased substantially while the need to maintain high quality, low tolerance and high yield is imperative. The traditional transfer of the manufacturing process from a small laboratory-like environment to high volume production has encountered several disruptive problems. Given the need to overcome the numerous discrepancies, Intel introduced the Copy EXACTLY! philosophy and systems which became an example where - during the ramp-up - a firm invests in learning (yield improvement) but explicitly avoids modifications of the existing process recipe. Once the new process achieves high yields in high volume, production line engineers can take over and conduct modifications. Intel’s traditional technology transfer strategy for its one-micron generation was one of following a structured approach where each process step was measured against a targeted value irrespective of what resources was consumed or how it got there. For example new suppliers could be chosen, new process flow could be
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