Summary on Sources of Innovation

Summary on Sources of Innovation - The researcher seeks to...

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The researcher seeks to study the origin behind the innovation of various processes, products and services; the study impacting innovation management. The researcher studies the sources of scientific instrument innovations for the case of users serving as innovators. He focuses his effort on studying the product lifeline of four scientific instruments which are commercially successful instead of studying random samples of instruments to allow for generalization. Instead the depth would allow him to control the dynamics of the market and the industry, provide thorough evaluation over a product lifeline and to better model reality from a manufacturer’s standpoint. A controlled method with a set of criterion is established to check for any enthusiasm or bias that may taint the study. The researcher then surveys several users and manufacturer experts in each instrument type to identify major and minor improvements by taking a common consensus. The researcher and his team of students then began to collect and understand data on the technical innovations identified through classic data collection methods. The study
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