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Political and Security Committee agenda - 1 Political and...

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1 Political and Security Committee Egypt Stop the Spread of Nuclear Weapons The General Assembly , Recalling resolutions A/63/115 of 10 July 2008 and A/64/124 of 6 July 2009, (NPT/CONF.2008/28 Parts I and II), GC(52)/RES/15, GC(XXXVII)/RES/627, as well as the 1996 African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treats (The Pelindaba Treaty) and the Extension of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons of 11 May 1995, Reaffirming the role and responsibility of the UN to assist member states to realize the goal of complete nuclear disarmament, Reaffirming further the crucial role of nuclear-weapon free zones toward that goal, Observing that Israel purportedly possesses a large arsenal of nuclear weapons and that The Islamic Republic of Iran appears determined to follow the nuclear path, Noting with apprehension the heighted tensions in the Middle East associated with the Iran’s nuclear potential and the likelihood of counter-proliferation wars in the Middle East, Noting further the real danger of a nuclear arms race that will engulf the entire region before too long, Emphasizing that all countries in the Middle East (not just one or two) have legitimate security needs and that peace is indivisible, 1. Urges all States to vote for the creation of a timetable for the realization of full and verifiable Nuclear Free Zone in the Middle East by 2015; 2. Appeals to all States to refrain from providing any nuclear-related assistance to offending states; 3. Encourages all states to use their full influence to urge upon the Israeli government to immediately sign and ratify the NPT and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Additional Protocol; 4. Urges the Israeli government to proceed in good faith with nuclear disarmament under the supervision of the IAEA; 5. Urges the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to take the necessary steps to assure the international community about its good faith efforts in compliance with its obligations under the NPT; 6. Asks the Secretary General to remain seized of the matter and to submit annual progress reports on the matter.
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Political and Security Committee Italy Extending Non-Proliferation for a Safer World The General Assembly Bearing in mind the recent statements from Iran’s president concerning their drive for the possession of nuclear technologies, Noting further the recent declarations of the Israeli government concerning the progression of their nuclear programs, Recognizing the recent agreement between the United States and the Russian Federation to reduce nuclear weapons, Observing that nuclear proliferation is something that concerns people in all regions of the world, Realizing that despite its benefits, nuclear technology can have catastrophic effects on the world when used for ill will, 1. Reaffirms resolution 1803 in expanding measures to be taken to restrict further nuclear proliferation; 2. Restates its position on nuclear non-proliferation, especially in unstable regions of the world; 3.
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Political and Security Committee agenda - 1 Political and...

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