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1 Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee Canada Protection of Human Rights Enforced The General Assembly, Alarmed by the number of human rights violations in a new millennium and new world, Aware that there are already protocols addressing this: Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on civil and Political Rights. International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, and Convention against Torture, Realizing that these protocols are widely ignored in some countries, Deeply concerned, for the well being of all the citizens of the world 1. Reaffirms the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; 2. Requests a strengthening of the Human Rights Council; 3. Requests that the Economic and Social Council develop sanctions against the worst of the these violators; 4. Urges China, Sudan, North Korea, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Iran, and other notorious human rights violators to stop all illegal acts of torture and other human rights violations; 5. Requests the Security Council to look further into alleged violations and act accordingly.
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Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee Qatar Global AIDS Treatment The General Assembly , Recalling UN Security Council Resolution 1308 (2000) on HIV/AIDS and International Peace-keeping Operations, as well as the adopted General Assembly resolution 60/262, Reaffirming its request for the Secretary-General to take further steps towards establishing “training for peace-keeping personnel on issues related to preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS,” Keeping in mind the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of halting the spread of HIV/AIDS by 2015 and providing universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS by 2010, Noting with approval that General Assembly resolution 60/262 acknowledges that poverty contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS, Recognizing the necessity for enforcement from countries to ground their individual epidemics and national responses to their AIDS strategies and for more HIV counseling programs and HIV prevention programs for people of all ages, Emphasizing that such programs should focus on key populations with higher risk factors, Seeking to further reduce the spread of the AIDS epidemic and to allow more research to continue and expand on the progress of UNAIDS, 1. Encourages member states that have not already established vigorous national HIV/AIDS programs to do so with dispatch; 2. Calls upon all member states to make national HIV counseling programs readily available to all individuals regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic background, or other personal characteristics, and especially for all high risk individuals; 3. Draws attention to the importance of safe and nutritious food in battling poverty and thereby battling HIV/AIDS; 4. Further requests funding for research to work towards better antiretroviral drugs for those who are infected with HIV/AIDS, especially for those given to women who are pregnant to stop the spread of the disease; 5. Calls upon
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Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee agenda - 1...

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