terror_2review - Political Options for the...

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Terrorism and Political Violence Review for Exam #2 Handout (held over from last segment) Bomb blast characteristics WMD’s (types, effects, examples) Types of Suicide bombers: individual vs. vehicular Suicide bomber advantages and profile Risk assessment Chapter 6 and Notes The Enlightenment 19 th Century Anarchism and Socialism (…and connection to modern terrorism) Key anarchists and socialists (Proudhon, Heinzen, Kropotkin, Most, Goldman, etc) Chapter 7 and Notes Timeline of Irish History Michael Collins IRA in the late 20 th Century Sinn Fein and the Provisionals Unionist violence Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement Chapter 8 and Notes
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Unformatted text preview: Political Options for the Discontented (Reform, Revolt, Revolution) Political Factors in Latin American Violence Marighella and Guevara Uruguay and the Tupamaros Chapter 9 and Notes 3 sources of terrorism in Middle East 20 th Century history of conflict in Palestine 4 critical issues in resolving Palestinian question (Ahmed Khalidi) Chapter 10 and Notes History of the PLO Hamas Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade Jewish fundamentalist violence Israeli counter-terrorism measures Chapter 11 and Notes Hezbollah Islamic Jihad Hassan Nasrallah Osama bin Laden & Al Qaeda Al Qaeda terror attacks...
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terror_2review - Political Options for the...

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