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Michael Collins Reaction Essay To complete this assignment, you will need to view the 1996 movie Michael Collins starring Liam Neeson. We will be viewing the movie in class during the week of February 22 nd . However, you may watch it on your own if you prefer. Major video rental stores likely have the video, or you can purchase it through Amazon.com or some other outlet. Assignment: View the 1996 movie Michael Collins staring Liam Neeson. In a reaction paper consisting of no less than 4 full pages, typed and double- spaced, with no wider than 1 inch margins, discuss who Michael Collins was. In your paper, consider whether Collins was a villain or a patriot. Also discuss Collins' tactics. In particular, was the Collins model of political violence more consistent with that later developed by Carlos Marighella or by Che Guevara?
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Unformatted text preview: You are encouraged to draw upon and cite various sources of information for the paper. In doing so, please follow APA format for citations in the body of the paper, as well as your reference list. Due Date: The paper is due April 23, 2010. Alternative to the Movie: The movie contains a considerable amount of profanity and violence. If you would prefer not to watch the movie, or for some other reason cannot view the movie, you may instead conduct scholarly research on the life of Michael Collins and address the same questions listed above. As always, please cite all sources which are used in developing your composite of who Michael Collins was and what tactics he employed....
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