bio exam 3 review

bio exam 3 review - Review the following terms: Hemolysis...

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Review: Bio Exam #3 Review types of hormones: Steroid Amine Peptide Protein Glycoprotein Nonsteroid Define Water soluble hormone Define Lipid soluble hormone Review the following definitions: Hormone Receptor site Target cell Negative feedback Positive feedback Adenohyhpophysis Neurohypophysis Review the location of the following endocrine glands Thyroid Adrenal Thymus Pancreas Parathyroid Hypothalamus Pituitary:  anterior, posterior o Review each of their respective associated hormones Review the following hormones: Antidiuretic hormone Oxytocin Prolactin Growth hormone Estrogen Testosterone Review the types of cells found in blood, bone marrow and tissue Erythrocytes Leukoctyes Thrombocytes Megakaroycytes
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Monocytes Lymphocytes
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Unformatted text preview: Review the following terms: Hemolysis Hemopoiesis Polycythemia Erythropoietin Diapedesis Phagocytosis Fibrinolysis Antigen or agglutinogen Antibody or agglutinins Granulocyte Review the following structures of the heart: Mediastinum Pericardial space Pleural cavity Epicardium, myocardium, endocardium, pericardium Ventricle Atria Septum Oxygenated blood (arterial) Deoxygenated blood (venous) Flow of blood in circulatory system Review the chapter summaries for 11 - 13 Review the following tables and figures from your textbook: Figure 11.1 Figure 11.2 Table 11.3 Figure 12.4 Table 12.1 Figure 12.12 Figure 13.5 Figure 13.7...
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bio exam 3 review - Review the following terms: Hemolysis...

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