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grading rubric - -Clarity-Full sentences used-Logical...

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Lab Report Grading Outline Student Name: Experiment: _____ / 3 Introduction -Neat & complete title page - Describes what was done and why - Describes real-world application(s) of measurement / technique -Clarity - rd person tense -Concise _____ / 2 Experimental -Procedure cited, deviations noted -Instrument properly described -Clarity -Full sentences used -Concise _____ / 5 Data & Results -Data properly presented in tables or plots ( not raw ) - Figures are well-formatted (graph axes, table size, captions etc. ) -Accuracy of presentation (proper units, symbols etc.) -Accuracy of results
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Unformatted text preview: -Clarity-Full sentences used-Logical, guided progression of results-Concise _____ / 8 Discussion-Exhibition of comprehension beyond procedure-Data analysis & discussion (trends, significance, lab manual questions)-Error analysis & discussion-Chem. Engineering question thoroughly answered (if applicable)-Clarity-Coherent overall discussion of results & meaning _____ / 1 References -Properly formatted-Minimum included (lab manual, required reading) _____ / 1 Overall style, grammar, punctuation etc.-Pages numbered _____ / 20 TOTAL...
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